Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses

By Neil Davison

Nov 2014 , 176 pp
ISBN 9781908625250
Price: £11.75, $13.99
A working grasp of numeracy and basic mathematical skills is vital in modern nursing. Many student nurses have only a limited knowledge of the subject and struggle to get to get to grips with the key principles and calculations they need to know. 

Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses is a user-friendly introduction to the subject which guides the reader from the basics through to the core calculations required in a healthcare setting. 

Using extensive worked examples the author links the abstract mathematics to real-world situations to help the reader understand the subject in the context of their nursing practice. Rather than simply training by rote, the book features ‘Sense Checks’, ‘Top Tips’ and ‘Error Alerts’ to encourage the reader to develop their overall numeracy skills, and thus minimise the possibility of future errors. 

1 Numeracy and calculation skills in the clinical environment
2 Back to basics
3 The SI system
4 Calculating drug doses
5 Other clinical calculations
6 Tests
Appendices: Administering medicines safely, Routes of administration, Medication administration records, Drug glossary, Multiplication grid

Self-assessment test answers; References
Price: £11.75, $13.99

ISBNs: 9781908625250 978-1-908625-25-0 Title: numeracy and clinical calculations for nurses