Effective Management in Long-term Care Organisations

A Textbook for Students and New Care Managers

By Janet Scott, Anne Gill and Keith Crowhurst

Apr 2008 , 256 pp
ISBN 9781906052027
Price: £18.00, $34.99
Apr 2008 , 256 pp
ISBN 9781906052287
Price: £15.12, $24.49
Effective Management in Long-term Care Organisations is a unique combination of up-to-date management theory and practice designed for students and new care managers in nursing homes, residential homes and the variety of care settings in the community. This accessible and interactive text covers relevant theory and practice. It is written by people with a wide experience as managers and educators in the social care sector.

Focusing on key themes including Managing People, Managing the Workplace and Managing Change, the book includes:
• the examination of roles;
• the vital topics of decision making and leadership;
• team building and how groups work.

Other key topics explored include appraisal, quality and information management, skill mix, financial management, negotiation and conflict, recruitment and selection, workforce planning and strategic planning, all in relation to relevant legislation. Case studies are used for illuminating principles and exercises and activities will enable the reader to work through all the sections using a step-by-step process that ensures skills and principles of one subject are understood before moving onto the next.

SECTION ONE: Managing People
Managing clinical supervision and reflective practice
Team building
Group working

SECTION TWO: Managing the Workplace
Recruitment and selection
Skill mix
Financial management
Resources management
Workforce planning

SECTION THREE: Managing Change
Information and quality
Change theory and practice
Negotiation and conflict
Introduction to models of business and strategic planning
Price: £18.00, $34.99

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Price: £15.12, $24.49

ISBNs: 9781906052027 978-1-906052-02-7 Title: effective management in long-term care organisations ISBNs: 9781906052287 978-1-906052-28-7 Title: effective management in long-term care organisations