The Care Process

Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation in Health and Social Care

By Sally Hayes and Anne Llewellyn

Aug 2010 , 256 pp
ISBN 9781906052225
Price: £14.00, $26.99
Aug 2010 , 256 pp
ISBN 9781908625106
Price: £11.76, $18.89

The Care Process consists of four key elements:
• assessing needs;
• planning care;
• implementing care and
• evaluating the process and outcomes of care.
This book introduces students to the care process and supports the development of the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective and efficient care for patients and clients.

Beginning with an examination of health and social care theory, care models and the philosophy of holistic care, the authors then go on to examine the context of care; locating the care process for individual patients and clients within the national and local policy and guidance that drives care provision. Chapters 4–7 explore the four key elements of the care process and the final chapter draws conclusions and considers the implications for future practice in health and social care.

The Care Process is aimed at all students studying for qualifications in the health and social care professions. It is ideal for Foundation Degree students and first-year undergraduates. The book supports learning with case studies, sample care plans, activities, reflection points, further reading and references.


Chapter 1 – What is Health and Social Care?

Chapter 2 – Key Policy Drivers in Health and Social Care

Chapter 3 – An Overview of the Care Journey

Chapter 4 – Assessment

Chapter 5 – Planning

Chapter 6 – Implementing the Care Plan

Chapter 7 – Evaluating Effective Care Delivery for Individuals, Services and Society

Chapter 8 – Conclusion - Implications for Future Practice


Price: £14.00, $26.99

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Price: £11.76, $18.89

ISBNs: 9781906052225 978-1-906052-22-5 Title: the care process ISBNs: 9781908625106 978-1-908625-10-6 Title: the care process