Finding my Professional Heart

A brief guide to compassionate care and mindfulness for practitioners

By Natius Oelofsen

Jul 2016ISBN 9781908625397
Price: £8.49, $11.46

Finding My Professional Heart is a short e-book by the author of the highly regarded Developing Reflective Practice.

It provides a guide to compassion and mindfulness for health and social care students and practitioners and a roadmap for developing compassionate practice.

Drawing on both neuroscientific research and the contemplative traditions, the book argues that compassion is not a competency that can be trained, but a way of practising care that can be cultivated and nurtured. It attempts to inspire the reader to become a compassionate practitioner by:

    Giving an overview of the concept of compassion that encompasses modern as well as ancient perspectives.

    Considering some ideas on how to become compassionate and discussing the enemies of compassion.

    Providing a small sample of scientific research into compassion and presenting an overview of a neuroscience-based model of compassion.

    Exploring the links between mindfulness and compassion.

    Providing some guidelines and a roadmap for cultivating a compassionate outlook and approach.

    Offering a set of meditations and practices that can be used along the way.

At the heart of health and social care is a healing encounter between people, and this book aims to put compassion and humanity back at the centre of care.



Chapter 1       Compassion

Chapter 2       How to become compassionate

                        Interlude: The four pillars of compassion

Chapter 3       The science of compassion

Chapter 4       Mindfulness and compassion

Chapter 5       A roadmap for compassionate practice

                        Interlude: The flow of compassion

Chapter 6       Developing compassionate teams, services and organisations

Appendix         Meditations to develop your compassion


Price: £8.49, $11.46

ISBNs: 9781908625397 978-1-908625-39-7 Title: finding my professional heart