How to Thrive as a Newly Qualified Nurse

By Carol Forde-Johnston

Oct 2018 , 264 pp
ISBN 9781908625519
Price: £14.99, $22.49
Oct 2018 , 264 pp
ISBN 9781908625526
Price: £12.74, $17.20
How to Thrive as a Newly Qualified Nurse provides a structured programme of support for nursing students and newly qualified nurses during their first year qualified.

Packed with practical examples, tips and advice, and featuring vignettes from recently qualified nurses, this book will help you to:
  • Choose your first nursing post and secure the job you really want
  • Structure your learning and development in the early stages of your career
  • Work in a team, prioritise your care-giving and delegate to others
  • Understand safe staffing, patient acuity and dependency tools, care planning, and risk assessment tools
  • Learn how to escalate concerns and report incidents.
From reviews:

“…This book reads like you’ve got the loveliest mentor you’ve ever had holding your hand through the transition from student nurse to qualified nurse. Just reading it made me feel calmer and better prepared about my imminent start. In my opinion Carol Forde-Johnston’s book is the best transition book I’ve read.”   Sharon Sanford, STaR Project

“This book discusses the wide scope of learning in your initial time as a newly qualified nurse and how you can develop into a more confident and established professional; from securing your first nursing post to structured planning for your learning and development in the early stages of your career.

[It] is a great purchase for those wanting to hone their skills as an NQN, I found it to have answered many of the questions I was unsure of when qualifying. This book overall helps you to align your career aspiration, relevant skills and qualifications you might want to consider planning early on in your career.”   Diary of a Chief Nurse Junior Fellow blog, August 2019

Here’s what some of our student and NQN reviewers said:

“The writing style and tone of voice is just right, it reads as though I'm having a conversation with a knowledgeable, trusted friend.”

“I noticed that it answered many of the questions I was always embarrassed to ask as I thought I should have already known those things.”

“I have wanted a book that covers the information provided in this book and have been unable to find one. I think this book will be an incredibly useful resource.”

Drawing on her 30 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse and University Lecturer Practitioner, Carol Forde-Johnston has written an accessible and practical book that aims to respond to the questions and concerns that her students and NQNs frequently raise – and to help you thrive as a newly qualified nurse.

Chapter 1: Choosing and securing your first nursing post

Chapter 2: Structuring your learning during your first three months qualified

Chapter 3: Understanding the key structures in nursing

Chapter 4: Understanding safe staffing and patient acuity and dependency tools

Chapter 5: Prioritising care and delegating to others

Chapter 6: Understanding documentation, care planning and clinical risk assessment tools

Chapter 7: Assessing mental capacity and supporting those declining care

Chapter 8: Understanding escalation and incident reporting

Chapter 9: Structuring your future learning and support

Chapter 10: Developing our practice and profession through future nursing research
Price: £14.99, $22.49

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Price: £12.74, $17.20

ISBNs: 9781908625519 978-1-908625-51-9 Title: how to thrive as a newly qualified nurse ISBNs: 9781908625526 978-1-908625-52-6 Title: how to thrive as a newly qualified nurse