A Handbook for Student Nurses, third edition

Introducing Key Issues Relevant for Practice

By Wendy Benbow, Gill Jordan, Anneyce Knight and Sara White

Jul 2019 , 224 pp
ISBN 9781908625755
Price: £15.99, $23.99
Jul 2019 , 224 pp
ISBN 9781908625762
Price: £13.59, $18.34
A Handbook for Student Nurses is widely recommended in institutions across the UK and is essential reading for new student nurses.

The third edition of this very popular book provides an introduction to the core background knowledge that pre-registration nursing students need as a foundation for their training. It reflects the new NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses and the latest update of the NMC Code. Thoroughly revised and with a completely new chapter on health promotion, the book incorporates the latest developments in nurse education and in the health service.

A Handbook for Student Nurses covers the core of first-year nursing studies:
  • Practice supervision and assessment
  • Communication
  • Legal and professional issues
  • Values, ethics and cultural awareness
  • Reflection and personal development
  • Quality care and evidence-based practice
  • Study skills
  • Public health and promoting health and wellbeing

“… an invaluable resource and a daily accompaniment for lectures… I take it into my second year with the knowledge that I have a great reference book I can reflect on throughout my years of training.”

“I found this to be an excellent resource and I feel students new to the profession would find it extremely useful…. The book is well-organised, highly readable and accessible.”

“An excellent introductory text for student nurses, written in a clear and illuminative style.”

“[An] excellent textbook that provides up-to-date and relevant information for pre- and postregistration nursing students.”

“This is an excellent book, full of relevant information for student nurses.”
1 Nurse education, practice supervision and assessment
2 Communication
3 Legal and professional issues
4 Values and healthcare ethics
5 Cultural awareness
6 Quality care
7 Evidence-based practice
8 Professional roles in healthcare
9 Reflection and clinical supervision
10 Study skills
11 Public health and promoting health and wellbeing
Price: £15.99, $23.99

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Price: £13.59, $18.34

ISBNs: 9781908625755 978-1-908625-75-5 Title: a handbook for student nurses third edition ISBNs: 9781908625762 978-1-908625-76-2 Title: a handbook for student nurses third edition