Fundamentals of Diagnostic Imaging

An Introduction for Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals

Oct 2008 , 256 pp
ISBN 9781906052300
Price: £14.28, $23.09
Diagnostic imaging is widely used in health care to arrive at a diagnosis of illness and to guide therapeutic techniques to alleviate, and in some cases cure, illness. The number of medical imaging investigations performed is increasing and most patients and health care professionals will encounter the Diagnostic or Medical Imaging department of the hospital as matter of course. Professional barriers are being broken down in the modern NHS and, as new ways of working are used to deliver high quality patient-focussed care, professions other than doctors are often involved in requesting medical imaging tests and receiving test results.

This book provides an introductory overview of a wide range of commonly encountered medical imaging tests including radiation-based techniques such as plain film radiography, computed tomography and nuclear medicine, and non-ionising imaging techniques such as medical ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. Each chapter has an initial section explaining ‘how the technique works’ and a second section describing ‘what the technique is used for’. Learning is supported with case studies, activities, explanations of technical procedures and terminology, diagrams and photographs.

This book will appeal to educational institutions delivering training and education to student nurses, students training for roles in the allied health care professions and for any health care practitioner who needs a basic introduction to diagnostic imaging. As an introductory text, the book is also suitable for students in further education establishments preparing for careers in health care.
Chapter 1 General radiography
Chapter 2 Contrast agents and fluoroscopy
Chapter 3 Computed tomography
Chapter 4 Radionuclide imaging (incl. PET/CT)
Chapter 5 Ultrasound
Chapter 6 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chapter 7 Balancing risk and benefit in diagnostic imaging
Chapter 8 Requesting imaging investigations and understanding their results
Chapter 9 Looking after those who need imaging investigations
Price: £14.28, $23.09

ISBNs: 9781906052300 978-1-906052-30-0 Title: fundamentals of diagnostic imaging