Research and Evidence-Based Practice

For Nursing, Health and Social Care Students

By Vanessa Heaslip and Bruce Lindsay

Jan 2019 , 178 pp
ISBN 9781908625595
Price: £14.99, $22.49
Jan 2019 , 178 pp
ISBN 9781908625601
Price: £12.74, $17.20
Research and Evidence-Based Practice is an accessible textbook for nursing, health and social care students seeking to understand what research is and how it can provide evidence for practice.

Through clear explanations, key case studies, questions and activities, the book will help you to understand the principles of research and develop your own evidence-based practice. You will learn:
  • Why research is carried out, what the aims are, and why it matters.
  • How to search and review the literature and evaluate the quality of research
  • How research projects are designed, how participants are recruited, how data is collected and analysed, and how research findings are communicated
  • About the costs of research and how it is funded
  • About the ethics of research in health and social care
  • How to review evidence and how evidence is used to improve the quality of care
This book will help you to demonstrate your understanding of research and evidence and to develop and promote best practice in health and social care.

From reviews:
“I would definitely recommend this book to any student starting a research module or even to refresh your memories ready for your dissertations/literature reviews. The content included is everything I would want to know as a student starting a research module. The glossary at the back is great for understanding the research terminology, which can often feel like a brand new language when you first start reading research papers. There are also handy references which you can use to do further reading and enhance your critical discussion within your assignments.

The book lives up to its intention to act as a lead-in to the research topic and has a clear and concise style throughout, whilst explaining things in the amount of detail needed to fully understand them. A must read for any nursing or health and social care student!”

Review on studentnurseandbeyond.co.uk, March 2019

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Part One: Understanding research
1. Identifying the research aim
2. Reviewing the literature
3. Designing a study
4. Can it be done? Funding and ethics
5. Recruitment and data collection
6. Data analysis
7. What do we know now? Communicating research findings

Part Two: Evidence-based practice
8. Reviewing the evidence
9. Putting the evidence into practice
10. Audit and evaluation
11. 'Closing the circle': issues for the future

Price: £14.99, $22.49

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Price: £12.74, $17.20

ISBNs: 9781908625595 978-1-908625-59-5 Title: research and evidence-based practice ISBNs: 9781908625601 978-1-908625-60-1 Title: research and evidence-based practice