Children's Nursing Placements

A Pocket Guide

By Valerie Denieul and Julia Robinson

Spiral bound
Apr 2019 , 138 pp
ISBN 9781908625618
Price: £9.99, $14.99
A handy, pocket-sized guide designed to make placements more enjoyable and less stressful for children's nursing students.

Children’s nursing placements can be daunting – you’ll be working in a variety of settings and caring for a range of children and their families when they are at their most vulnerable. You will have new colleagues to work with, and newly learned nursing theory to put into practice. This pocket guide is designed to make your placements much more enjoyable and less stressful.

From absence policy to paediatric early warning scores, via faeces, it’s full of practical detail, hints and tips.
  • Written by experienced lecturers with top tips provided by current nursing students – this guidance is really produced with you in mind.
  • Pocket-sized format – carry it with you at all times.
  • Space to make your own notes – be it uniform policy, new terminology, or just the names of your new colleagues!
Reduce your stress and make the most of your placement by having this book to hand from the start.

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Before we start

1.      Top tips from child nursing students

Getting there

2.      Preparing for placement

3.      Uniform

4.      Absence from placement

5.      The NMC Code

6.      Family-centred care

7.      Consent, competence and confidentiality

8.      Guidance on using social media


Settling there

9.      Induction and first day

10.  Working with your practice supervisor (mentor)

11.  Common documentation

12.  Communicating with your colleagues

12.1     Answering the phone

13.  Communicating with children, young people and families


Being there

14.  Personal safety

14.1          Hand hygiene

14.2          Infection control and sharps policy

14.3          Moving and handling

15.  Fundamental skills

15.1          Assessment using activities of daily living

15.2          Healthy Child Programme

15.3          A to E assessment

15.4          Observation of vital signs

15.5          Paediatric early warning scores (PEWS)

15.6          Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT)

15.7          Drug administration

15.8          Drug calculations for children

15.9          Infant Feeding

15.10      Nutrition and fluids

15.11      Skin assessment

15.12      Urinalysis

15.13      Faeces

15.14      Risk assessment from a paediatric perspective

15.15      Safeguarding children and young people

15.16      Play and distraction

16.  Paediatric Basic Life Support and choking

17.  Common medical emergencies

17.1          Respiratory distress

17.2          Sepsis

17.3          Anaphylactic reaction

17.4          Escalating concerns

18.  Pain and pain assessment

19.  Common medication groups for children

Moving on from there

20.  Reflection

21.  FAQs

22.  Common terminology

23.  Useful websites

Spiral bound
Price: £9.99, $14.99

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