First Health and Social Care

By Pamela Minett and David Wayne

Jul 2009 , 264 pp
ISBN 9781906052171
Price: £15.00
Jul 2009 , 264 pp
ISBN 9781908625045
Price: £12.60

First Health and Social Care provides full coverage of Level 2 courses including all the mandatory and optional BTEC First units. It offers reasonably-priced and flexible materials that sit alongside existing resources for Level 2 Health and Social Care by providing:

• Learning resources for a wide range of abilities – clear and comprehensive coverage of all Level 2 requirements providing up-to-date and relevant information. Students are encouraged to interact and actively engage with the content. A wide range of design features has been included to stimulate learning, both in the classroom and in independent study.

• Practice and revision materials – questions, activities and worksheets  that support practice, revision and review as well as advice on portfolio building, learning in the workplace and studying for assessment success.

• Extension resources – for the more-able student and for those who want to explore topics in more depth there are extension activities and an extensive list of useful websites. Case studies provide the opportunity to make connections between the different topics and units in the textbook.

Additional student support is included in the form of a study skills chapter, links to a wide range of useful websites, a glossary and cross-references. Activities are clearly linked to key skills and grading criteria. The resources are fully illustrated with clear diagrams and lively images to make the pages informative and interesting.

This book has been written by very experienced educational authors at a level and in a style suitable for all Level 2 students. Pamela Minett is author of the hugely successful Child Care and Development textbook, now in its 5th edition. Dr David Wayne is the well-known author of medical textbooks and he is co-author, with Pamela Minett, of the Human Form & Function textbook.


1. Communication and individual rights in the health and social care sectors

2. Individual needs in health and social care

3. Vocational experience within a health and social care setting

4. Cultural diversity in health and social care

5. Anatomy and physiology for health and social care

6. Human life span development

7. Creative and therapeutic activities

8. Health and social care services

9. The impact of diet on health.

10. Study skills.

Price: £15.00

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Price: £12.60

ISBNs: 9781906052171 978-1-906052-17-1 Title: first health and social care ISBNs: 9781908625045 978-1-908625-04-5 Title: first health and social care